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Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) is a corporate body established under section 4 of the Tourism Act No.28 of 2011 and is mandated to regulate the tourism sector in Kenya. This entails developing regulations, standards and guidelines that are necessary to ensure an all-round quality service delivery in the tourism sector.  

Our Core Mandate


Tourism licensing is premised on ensuring customer satisfaction and competitiveness of the country as a tourist destination.

Sector Workforce

Matters relating to Education, Tourism and Hospitality curricula, Examination and Certification.

Star Rating (Classification)

In this respect, the EAC Classification System is applicable for the classification and grading of tourism accommodation and catering establishments.

Sector Incentives

Customs duty/VAT exemptions are given to investors in sector to either establish or upgrade their facilities and services in order to achieve quality services and destination competitiveness.

Quality Assurance

TRA is mandated by the Tourism Act to formulate Guidelines and prescribe measures for Sustainable Tourism throughout the country

Why We Regulate


1. Bringing order to the sector

Licensing is a deterrent to would be unscrupulous businessmen since punitive measures are taken against those who contravene laws.

2. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Tourist handlers are expected to demonstrate high levels of professionalism and integrity. Licensing ensures that only qualified personnel are engaged in the industry.

3. Helps Enforce Standards

Overseas suppliers have more confidence in dealing with ground handlers who are not only licensed by the Government but are also members of recognized trade associations. The Associations follow codes of ethic approved by the Authority.

4. Compilation of a data base and directory

Licensed operators and businesses will comprise a  database and directory that would be instrumental for  planning, marketing of the destination and other decision making processes.

Our Partners

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